2020 Christmas Lab Hours

Due to Christmas holidays, the last days for submission of samples to the Dawbuts parasitology lab are:

  1. Cattle, goat, alpaca, horse and sheep monitoring tests  – 11 DEC 2020 (or 18 DEC 2020 without Worm ID, i.e. worm egg count only)
  2. Drench Tests Day 0 (treatment date) – 30 NOV 2020. Note: if you have properties/mobs lined up, please phone and let us know details.

This is to allow completion of the 7d larval culture (Worm ID) and reporting before Christmas.

The lab and office will close from 21 DEC 2020 and re-open on Monday 04 JAN 2020, so if you have urgent testing, samples can be posted on Th 31 DEC 2020 to arrive in the lab Monday morning.

Please email admin@dawbuts.com for kit orders or account enquiries. 

Wishing you all a very happy, safe and fulfilling Christmas.

Matt and the team at Dawbuts

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