Order WEC Test Kits

Order WEC Test Kits here, now for only $15! Dawbuts provides worm egg count test kits as the first step in the diagnosis of agricultural parasites and worm burdens. Listed below are the two different types of WEC Test Kits we offer. We prefer if you collect samples using these kits.

Our (cattle/sheep/goat/alpaca) Worm Egg Test Kits include:

  • Reply-Paid Express Post satchel (includes tracking number)
  • Collection Tray & Box (suitable for up to 15 samples)
  • Zip Lock Bag (to air-seal your collection tray)
  • Glove (for hygienic sampling)
  • Submission Form

Our (horse) Worm Egg Test Kits include:

  • Zip lock bags for individual animal dung collection
  • Reply-Paid Express Post satchel
  • Submission Form

To order WEC test kits, visit our contact page, or email us with the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Residential Address
  • Email Address (for invoices)
  • Phone Number
  • Number of Kits required – they come in batches of 5 (minimum for individuals), 10 (minimum for stores), 20, and 60.
  • Specify which species you wish to test: (cattle/sheep/goats/alpacas/horses)

You will be invoiced for your kit order upfront at $15 per kit. A second invoice will be sent out once we have tested your returned kits, at the price of the test minus the kit cost.